TRM was formed in 2003, only after compiling over 20 years experience working in various areas of the trucking industry. While in college I worked part time 

at a local Mack truck dealership, sweeping shop floors and steaming off trucks. 

From that humble beginning, I moved on to class 8 truck sales, then to

Dealership Finance and Insurance Manager, and finally, spent years as the Dealership Sales Manager. Dispatching for a 40 unit fleet also added valuable experience. 


As President of TRM, I possess a CDL and have some time behind the wheel.

So, at TRM, we first understand the trucking side of the business. Combine that with years of trucking specific insurance experience, and we are in a unique

position to partner with you, and keep you trucking!


Over the past decade, our clients have expressed their relief and satisfaction to

finally work with an organization that actually understands their business from 

the ground up, thereby allowing them to fully concentrate on operating their 

day-to-day trucking operation.


You can be confident that working together with TRM will allow your operation to maximize its potential.


                                     David P. Wilson